French classes for adults

Language First Ireland provides French classes for adults in Kinsale. All levels available: beginner (A1), elementary (A2), pre-intermediate (B1), intermediate (B2), advanced (C1).

Our classes focus on speaking and allow you to improve your vocabulary, language structures and fluency. We offer small groups classes (4 to 8 people), twin classes (2 people) or one to one classes.

Duration of the course: One trimester (10 weeks), two trimesters (20 weeks) or full year (30 weeks)

Location: Temperance Hall, Kinsale for groups and twin classes. At your own home for private tuitions.


GROUPS CLASSES  (4-8 people)

One term: €169

2 terms: €320

3 terms: €456 (save 10%)


TWIN CLASSES (2 people) 

1 term: €270


1 term: €480

Classes content

Our teachers are native speakers and put the emphasis on speaking and listening skills. We teach French in a friendly and dynamic environment using roleplays, board games, short videos, fun and interactive activities. We provide quality material and clear worksheets, espacially for grammar and vocabulary. Our groups are small for an efficient learning.

Examples of topics covered for elementary levels:

-Se présenter, parler de ses loisirs, de sa famille

-En ville: les magasins, directions, les lieux publics

-Shopping: faire des achats, les vêtements, demander des renseignements

-Au restaurant: vocabulaire de la nourriture, commander dans un restaurant

-A l’hôtel: réserver une chambre d’hôtel, demander des renseignements

-A l’office du tourisme: activités de loisirs, les vacances

-La vie quotidienne: parler de ses habitudes au présent, révision des jours de la semaine, les activités quotidienne, dire l’heure

-Parler au passé: raconter son week-end, ses vacances


Classes are starting in January in Kinsale. Fill in the form below and return it to us before the 22nd of December if you want to enroll for the Winter term (January, February, March).

Download the enrolment form here enrolment-form-2018-french-for-adults

Cultural exchanges for adults

Would you like to interact and practise your French with French people? It is possible with Language First Ireland. We have a parternship with a Language School in Toulouse and we organise exchanges with French adults learning English. This is a great way to practise the language. Click on “Read more” to discover the French Language School.

Discover Toulouse

Découvrez la “ville rose”, Toulouse, au sud de la France. Son patrimoine, sa gastronomie, ses nombreuses balades le long du Canal du Midi… Click on “Read more” to discover Toulouse

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